The Curated Closet by Anuschka Rees

The Curated Closet by Anuschka Rees

The Curated Closet is a 270-page, full-colour guide to building your best wardrobe yet,  featuring everything you need to know to discover and refine your personal style, overhaul your closet, and learn how to shop in a smarter, more thoughtful way.

I’ve always had a love of clothes and fashion. I used to raid my mum’s wardrobe as a toddler for her heels and anything sparkly that I could get my hands on – not to mention drawing a whole smudgey mess of red lipstick all over my face. The glamour! I studied fashion at university too and spent many an afternoon trying on clothes for ‘research’, making the most of my student discount in Topshop! I guess having a bit of a passion for fashion has meant my wardrobe is always bustling with more clothes than I actually need…which is why The Curated Closet came as a bit of a godsend!

The curated closet explores different body shapes, different personal styles and details how easy it is to ‘curate’ your closet.

Less is more.

So much more satisfying than rails and piles of clothes left unworn.

If you loved The Magic Art of Tidying, you’ll love this.

The book is split into four parts:

The Basics

What exactly is a ‘curated closet’? And why do you need it? It’ll get you think about what already sits in your wardrobe…what’s the quality like? How many labels are still on clothes you’ve just never worn? just how much stuff is in your wardrobe? The first part of the book also looks at setting your style intention – what do you do you want to achieve? Who inspires your style?

Discover Your Personal Style

This was my favourite part of the book. It gave me a chance to actually look at what my clothes said about me. I went through old photos and looked at clothes that made me happy or that I remembered feeling good in, feeling confident in. Then it was time to experiment with some new looks – how could I use my wardrobe to mix my look up a bit? And eventually pulling together my style profile complete with colours and shapes that I enjoy wearing.

Build Your Dream Wardrobe

The closet detox took some time but it was super satisfying! There’s a handy flowchart to guide you through this stage which I found really helped me sort everything out. It felt like I was getting rid of mountains but actually I was getting rid of what I didn’t need. And that’s exactly the point in a spring clean, isn’t it! This chapter includes lots about dressing for home, for work and for play – without overstuffing your rails.

The Art of Shopping

In the final part of the book, Anuschka shows you how to shop like a true stylist – making conscious purchases from the quality of fabric, price and sustainability. It really got me thinking differently about what I buy and how I make my body feel in the clothes I wear. Does wearing value, fast fashion really make me feel good? Maybe when I was a student and perhaps for the odd piece…

You’ll clear out what you don’t wear, you’ll introduce key capsule pieces which you can mix and match with other items and you’ll suddenly build a wardrobe to be proud of.

Above all, you’ll be a little more mindful when you hand over your credit card on your next shopping spree, leaving more money for bigger experiences and those magical moments we never forget in life.

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