Introducing WILDWOMAN, the UK’s First Non-Fiction, Self-Care Book Subscription Box

Today’s the day. Today’s the day our brand new project – powered by GozenGirls goes live. I am so excited!

I’d like to officially announce the launch of WILDWOMAN. The UK’s first non-fiction, self-care book subscription box. The ultimate self care package brought to your doorstep every single month.

For many of you who know me personally or through the community you will know that a big part of the reason I started GozenGirls was due to my own battles with mental health – books helped me out of some pretty dark places and the words on the pages became my guide and my healing. When I found it hard to put my feelings into words, I would read and journal my thoughts. Pause. Take time to reflect.

In finding these words, I built this community and in building this community I dreamt of building WILDWOMAN. Something for women in all corners of the globe. Something to encourage women to take time and reflect. Something to connect women on deeper levels. And today, the 8th August 2018 – my vision launches and soon women across the world will be receiving regular packages of self-love and self-care.

WILDWOMAN is available to buy from today via www.iamawildwoman.com as either a one-off box or a monthly subscription. I can’t wait to hear what you think!

Thank you GozenGirls for helping me spread this message. Here’s to you becoming a WILDWOMAN. Here’s to us becoming WILDWOMEN together.

Donna x

My favourite 5 things in life are: My Family, Stationery, My Dog, Tartan and Books. My favourite 5 sweet treats are: Lemon Drizzle, Cherry Bakewell, Almond Croissants, Fruit Scones and Banoffee Pie. My 5 favourite guilty pleasures: My Laptop, Meditation, Paperchase, Lipstick and Cushions. My favourite possession(s): My family, my friends, my love. Top places I dream of visiting: Santorini, New York, Iceland, New Zealand and Bali.