Do you love books? Do you love talking about books? Do you like meeting new people? Then why not sign up to the GozenGirls book club?

What’s the purpose of the group?

This group will largely focus on discussions and monthly reviews about books that inspire us as women. Whether it’s a book about beauty, business, power, confidence…whatever your suggestion we will read it!

This group is also a private place we can all support each other, build relationships with each other and share inspiring tales.
Once a month we will arrange a place to meet up, talk about the book of the month, catch up with each other, chat about current ‘warrior’ topics and support each other. There are no rules (except to be respectful to other warrior members and to keep all conversations of a confidential nature in the group – confidential!) – you don’t have to attend the monthly meetups – but please feel free to post, share, comment etc within the group.

Interested in joining our Facebook group? Just head over to