‘My personal bookshelf is crammed full of books. In fact, my bookshelf, my ‘dvd shelf’, my bedside table, my wardrobe…is crammed full of books. My family and friends would probably say I have a Book addiction…this is probably true!

My library history is full of nearly the same ‘type’ of book. And my Instagram feed is full of quotes and snaps of books that inspire me and bring goodness into my life. And that’s exactly the kind of book we all need once in a while. I’m talking about the books that encourage us to think outside the box, the books that teach us about the meaning’s of life – about being a woman, the books that nurture us and encourage us to grow into unbelievably, incredible people.

And it turned out after chattering to a few fellow book worms I’m not the only one obsessed with these thought-food books. So I decided to create a book club to celebrate these books.

Why Gozen?

Tomoe Gozen was THE female Samurai warrior. She fought alongside male samurais in the Genpei War, which lasted from 1180 to 1185. She was a strong woman who fought amongst strong men. She was an incredible archer and a swordsman. She was ready to face battle on foot or horseback AT ANY TIME. She was beautiful. Fearless. And respected.

So in honour of Tomoe Gozen – I like to think we are all warriors in this world.

GozenGirls is now becoming more than just a book club – it’s be a place for women to share stories and be inspired whilst encouraging and supporting each other. It’s a place to build relationships and a place for friendship. And a place for bookworms of course, packed with book reviews, book inspiration and interviews with some of our favourite authors!

We want to feature more books, encourage more women to read and we want to build GozenGirls into something that the world of women will enjoy.’

Donna, Founder of GozenGirls